We believe well is the new wealth. 

Let’s work together to reach your greatest sense of well-being.

About Equani Wellness

We consider it our purpose to share the joy of a life well lived. Our practitioners have been specially selected for their ability to leave one feeling uplifted and cared for, in addition to their unique areas of expertise, so you can trust you’re in good hands whether you book an individually-tailored travel experience, massage, or coaching session. 

With an emphasis on individuality our services, we know just as no two bodies are the same, no two wellness solutions will look the same. There’s something out there that will work for you, and we’ll find it, together. 

Our Practitioners

Lisa Anne Kersey Cronin

BLUFFTON/HILTON HEAD – Wellness TravelHealth CoachingAccountability CoachingRekitcheningMassageReiki Master

Equani Wellness is owned and operated by Lisa Cronin, located in Bluffton/Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.  Lisa’s qualifications include a degree in Travel and Tourism Management from Clemson University, certificate of Health Coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she studied over 100 dietary theories and life coaching techniques, and 14 years of reiki and massage therapy experience, including therapeutic modalities such as neuromuscular and trigger points within the Kryia base.

Lisa’s love of life and vivacious personality pours into everything she touches. After raising her own children and while providing life and health coaching to private clients, Equani Wellness culminates her extensive wellness education and her passions for travel and the well-being of those around her. 

Mare Wallington

BLUFFTON/HILTON HEAD – Life CoachingHealth CoachingAccountability CoachingMassageReiki III

Mare considers education and energy work her life’s calling. She works with clients to encourage healing through their younger selves, teaching techniques to release stress stores through years of emotional and physiological trauma. Mare’s education, spanning more than three decades, has elevated her skills and ability to recognize, implement, and enlighten others through many stages of traumatic stress release. Tools utilized include massage therapy, “Infuse Training Meridian,” and the energy arts. Mare serves clients by designing their custom navigational course and ensuring a plan to stay on track for success.

Supporting client’s journey to gain a positive outlook, spiritual wellness, and holistic body/mind image, it’s her heartfelt grand purpose to share what we all can realize: Love is the energy that drives us. Learn more.

Jennifer Elders

SAVANNAH – Life CoachingHealth CoachingAccountability Coaching

Jennifer Elders began health coaching in Savannah, Georgia after traveling over 30 countries and seeing that of all the wonderful things this world has to offer nothing is more beautiful than a healthy, happy human being. Her mission is to help educate, support and empower everyone she works with to achieve their wellness goals. During sessions, Jennifer provides all the motivation and information you need to create a wellness plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

Jennifer specializes in helping children and teenagers learn to eat right and have fun while doing so, reinforcing positive self-image as key to mental health.

Sue Deloach

BLUFFTON/HILTON HEAD – Meditation Guidance

Influenced by teachers such as Mark Nepo, Anthony DiMello, Joan Borysenko and Marianne Williamson, Sue helps clients rejuvenate their senses and sink into quiet spaces that are alive with color, energy, and flow. Progression from breathing, stress relief, and relaxation meditations to intention, mantras, walking, listening, and vision meditations helps clients find the best meditation styles for their individual minds and lifestyles. Group meditations available for Equani Wellness retreats.