Relax and destress with a Kriya-based massage, built around harnessing the body’s natural energy. Kriya techniques are a combination of Swedish, neuromuscular, somato-emotional release, and energy work practiced in a smooth and connected pattern. Emphasizing the intuitive, this form of massage feels more flowing than traditional Swedish massage, a regenerative experience. 

Delivered on a padded professional table with organic oils and lotions at the time and place of your choosing, in-home massage is self-care at its best.

Kriya = spontaneous energy movement

In Indian Sanskrit

Therapeutic Massage

Provides symptom relief from chronic pain and discomfort, restricted range of motion or mobility, and certain health conditions.

Relaxation Massage

Tired of feeling stressed or tired? Massage increases circulation, eases tension, and flushes out lactic acid (soreness) from fatigued muscles.

Start living pain and stress free, an hour at a time.

Skin to skin contact isn’t for everyone. Unlike massage, Reiki Healing can be performed fully clothed and without any touch whatsoever.

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