– Virtual sessions are available for this service by phone or video. Concerns or questions? Contact us.

Food has become so complex a grocery store aisle can feel like a minefield. Understanding and making healthy choices is easier with an expert nutritionist by your side. Rekitchening is a process; of getting to know your background, personal preferences, habits, likes, and dislikes, and revamping your fridge, pantry, and office snack stash accordingly.

After evaluating your bio-individuality through an in-home consultation, a nutritionist will walk through your kitchen with you, removing the things that aren’t serving your specific needs and replacing them with what works better for you. A coach can also assist you in meal planning, grocery shopping, and/or collaborate on a shopping list, depending on to your preferences, to ensure all your questions are answered and concerns met.

Whether you’re just looking for some information on how to eat better or for shopping assistance in an increasingly confusing landscape of choices, you can transform your physical well-being through the food in your home with hands-on, bio-specific guidance.

Not ready for a kitchen makeover? Health Coaching may be more your speed.