Raising Vibrations

If you have been reaching for a goal but feel as though you keep hitting walls, it may be time to evaluate your vibrational energy

What is Vibrational energy?

Every object or living thing emits energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. This energy is something that we naturally sense and react to. As we become more familiar with the energy not only surrounding us but that we emit and absorb, we can adjust or deflect accordingly.

Here comes into play the Law of Attraction, a philosophy suggesting that we attract the energy we put into the universe. For example: if you find yourself around people that complain more than motivate you, or in a work environment that drains you more than inspires you – you will only meet and reflect the energy that is being released.

If you are feeling down and vibrating at a low frequency, you may feel as though motivation and inspiration has been lacking, brain fog and unnecessary irritation is more frequent, or you hear yourself complaining a bit more than is ideal.